Lucas Burns' Git repositories


NameDescriptionLast commit
cryptotaxCryptocurrency tax form for IRS2021-03-02 21:39
dotfiles-macDotfiles for macOS2023-01-31 20:40
dotfilesDotfiles on Arch Linux2023-05-30 18:10
ftagFzf tui for jdberry's tag2021-08-09 06:02
lf.nvimLf file manager for Neovim2023-05-10 18:49
lwmLinux Window Manager [WIP]2022-04-15 03:24
lxhkdLinuX Hotkey Daemon2022-02-06 03:57
ml-with-numpyMachine learning algorithms from scratch2021-03-04 16:03
nlpNatural Language Processing projects2021-03-04 15:54
pass-perlRewrite of the Unix password manager 'pass' in Perl2021-06-09 15:31
pass-veraEncrypt passwords with veracrypt2021-05-16 02:48
pytorchPytorch projects (NLP, CNN, etc.)2021-03-04 16:14
r-web-scrapingScraping the web with R2021-05-29 23:16
web-scrapingScraping data all around the web2021-06-08 02:33
arch-wiki-macarch-wiki-docs and arch-wiki-lite - MacOS Compatible2021-06-03 17:55
fzfgitFzf scripts for git2022-03-10 23:59
kimboxKimbie Dark Vim theme2023-05-15 22:46
pass-clip-macpass-clip - MacOS Compatible2021-03-04 16:23
pass-import-macpass-import - MacOS Compatible2021-02-08 02:22
pass-ssh-macpass-ssh - MacOS Compatible2021-02-08 02:23
prsPassword manager similar to `pass`2022-03-15 20:26
ripRm ImProved2021-08-12 05:14
rualdiRust Aliasing Directory2022-03-22 23:24
stagit-mdFork of Oscar Benedito's fork of the original stagit2021-11-20 05:45
wutagA CLI file-tagging tool2021-11-24 19:29


My email is and my GPG key can be found here, downloaded, or you can run this command:

curl -L | gpg --import

These projects are also found on my GitHub