arch-wiki-docs and arch-wiki-lite - MacOS Compatible


arch-wiki demo



One can modify the wiki-search script if they instead would like to use:


git clone
cd arch-wiki-mac
make install # No sudo

Installation by untarring:

git clone
cd arch-wiki-tar
tar -xzf arch-wiki.tar.gz -C /usr/local --strip-components 2

arch-wiki-docs Installation (building yourself):

pip install lxml cssselector kitchen http.cookiejar simplemediawiki
git clone
cd arch-wiki-docs
LANG=en_US.UTF-8 python --output-directory ./build_wiki --safe-filenames
mv build_wiki /usr/local/share/doc/arch-wiki/text

arch-wiki-docs pkgbuild

brew install makepkg
git clone
cd arch-wiki-mac/docs
makepkg -d

Move the files to wherever you want to store the wiki.

arch-wiki-lite Installation (not sure how to install this)

brew install makepkg
git clone
cd arch-wiki-mac/lite
makepkg -d
tar -xzf arch-wiki-lite-20200527-1-any.pkg.tar.gz | installer -pkg -target /